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  • The majority of our members have prescription benefits through Prime Therapeutics. Please check the back of your Horizon BCBSNJ member ID card for the Prime Therapeutics logo. For Prime Therapeutics prescription benefit information, sign in and follow the steps below:

    1. Click Doctors & Care.
    2. Click Prescriptions.
    3. Click Go to Your Prime Therapeutics.

    Once signed in, you can:

    1. Refill, renew and transfer prescriptions to PrimeMail by Walgreens Mail Service, Prime Therapeutics’ prescription home delivery service.
    2. Check the status of your home delivery service.
    3. Review your prescription history and cost information.
    4. Find medicines, cost and coverage information.
    5. Search pharmacies in your network.

    If you do not have Prime Therapeutics as your pharmacy benefits manager through Horizon BCBSNJ, please contact your benefits administrator directly for more information.

    Learn more about the Horizon Pharmacy Program.

    Option B: For those members who do not use Prime Therapeutics for their pharmacy benefits: You can view your prescription benefits by following these steps:

    1. Click Benefits & Coverage.
    2. Click the Prescription tab in Benefits Overview.
    3. Then check the chart(s) to see if this benefit is covered and if you need prior authorization. You may need to scroll down to view all the information you need.

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