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Grant Application Deadlines & Information

The Foundation aims to improve their neighbors’ health, inform their health decisions and empower them to lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

2023 Grant Application Deadlines

Funding decisions are made three times annually by The Horizon Foundation for New Jersey’s Board of Directors. The 2023 application deadlines are:

  • January 30 for consideration on April 18
  • April 24 for consideration on July 18
  • August 28 for consideration on November 14

The dates listed above are subject to change. If there is a change, we will update this page.

Before You Apply

If you are a new applicant or a current grantee with a program change, please send a concept to your Program Officer or to

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  • The Horizon Foundation for New Jersey only considers requests:

    • Submitted by organizations located in New Jersey that have tax-exempt classifications under Sections 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.
    • To fund state or regional offices of organizations with multiple chapters or multiple affiliates operating in New Jersey.
    • To fund local chapters or affiliates of organizations with state or regional offices by invitation only.

    New Jersey universities and accredited colleges may submit one grant application per calendar year through their institution’s foundation.

    Organizations should meet the following criteria:

    • Have an established mission that promotes health or the arts in New Jersey communities.
    • The program to be supported must align with the Foundation's funding priorities and be able to report on our measurement indicators. This information can be found on the Grantee Information page.
    • Be able to identify specific and measurable short- and long-term objectives.
    • Be located in and serve New Jersey communities.
    • Have demonstrated experience with the activities described in the funding proposal.
    • Does not duplicate the work of other organizations already supported by the Foundation within the same geographic area.
    • Have a current and satisfactory financial audit conducted by a Certified Public Accountant. This is required for all organizations, including those whose incomes are under $500,000.
    • Agree to the Foundation’s financial and narrative reporting requirements for monitoring purposes.
    • Have a longstanding reputation for credibility and integrity.

    The Horizon Foundation for New Jersey will not fund:

    • Capital campaigns
    • Renovations or new buildings
    • Equipment only
    • Endowments
    • Hospitals or hospital foundations
    • Individuals
    • Political causes, candidates, organizations and campaigns
    • One-day events
    • Fundraising events
    • Galas, dinners or golf outings
    • Walks, runs, races and similar events
  • The Horizon Foundation for New Jersey will not support organizations that advocate, support or practice activities that discriminate against persons in legally protected categories as set forth in applicable federal and state laws. These include, but are not limited to, discrimination against persons based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability and any other protected class.

  • Each request will be reviewed to determine eligibility and conformity to the application guidelines for the appropriate category. The request will also be reviewed to ensure alignment to the Foundation's funding priorities and ability to report on our measurement indicators. This information can be found on the Grantee Information page. Funding decisions will be made based on the available resources for the current year.

    The Foundation also takes the following criteria into consideration:

    1. The degree to which the project aligns with the Foundation’s mission.
    2. The merit of the proposed project.
    3. The quality of the organization’s programs and services.
    4. The capacity of the organization to successfully carry out the proposed project.
    5. The extent to which the goals and objectives are detailed in the proposal and align with our measurement indicators.
    6. The organization’s relationship and standing within the community it proposes to serve.
    7. The organization’s general structure, goals, history and management capability.
    8. The amount requested in relationship to available funds.
    9. The geographic location of the organization and communities served by the program.
    10. The program is not duplicative of other initiatives within the communities it serves.

    Grants to arts and cultural organizations will be by invitation only and limited to the following geographic areas in the state:

    • Burlington County
    • Camden County
    • Essex County
    • Mercer County
    • Monmouth County
  • The Horizon Foundation for New Jersey only accepts electronic grant applications. The online application will require the following information:

    • Tax ID Number.
    • A brief description of the organization, including its legal name, history, activities, number of staff, annual budget and purpose.
    • All primary contact information.
    • The purpose for which the grant is requested, including the project timeline and population served.
    • The amount requested and a list of other sources of financial support for both the organization as a whole and for the specific project.
    • Measurable goals and objectives of the project using our measurement indicators.
    • Evaluation plans for the project.

    In addition to the above information, applicants will be required to upload the following documents:

    • A copy of the organization’s IRS 501(c)(3) determination letter.
    • A copy of the organization’s current full audit. This audit must be from within the past two years. The Foundation will not accept a statement of position, nor any alternative to the audited financial statement. An audited financial statement is required for all organizations, including those whose incomes are under $500,000.
    • A copy of the organization’s most recent Form 990-Income Tax Return (required for all organizations, including those whose incomes are under $500,000).
    • A list of the organization’s Board of Directors that includes their business affiliation, as well as a list of officers or similar governing body.
    • An organization budget.
    • A list of private, corporate and government funders with corresponding dollar amounts.
    • A project budget if applying for Project Support.

    Proposals without all the required documents will not be considered.

    Typically, applicants will hear from the Foundation regarding a funding decision within approximately 90 days from the date a complete application package is submitted.

    Other considerations:

    • Organizations may submit an application only once per calendar year.
    • All funding decisions are final, although declined applicants may reapply the following calendar year.
    • Grant renewals are not automatic and cannot be guaranteed from year to year.
    • Proposals without all the required documents will not be considered. Please note that the 990 tax return and audited financial statement are both required, even for organizations with incomes under $500,000.
  • To apply or return to a saved application, select the project support link below:



    Final Reports for Current Grantees Only

    Final reports are available only online. To access the final report form, sign in to your account.

  • If you are unable to access the online application form, it is generally due to a cookie setting. The cookie setting must be on “low.” Please contact your appropriate technical representative to change your setting. You may also try clearing your browsing history and cookie setting before restarting your browser. If you continue to experience technical issues, email