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Wellness Events

Horizon BCBSNJ’s interactive wellness events can help you demonstrate your commitment to employee health in fun and educational ways.

Available Events

  • 3D Body Scans: In just 40 seconds, employees receive a visual report of their body’s statistics, including weight and body fat.

  • Adult Mindfulness Coloring Station: Employees can visit a mindfulness/stress relief station, where they can color a card or do origami, the Japanese art of paper folding. Employees can give the card to a colleague or put it in a paper frame (also provided) to keep. Origami samples are provided to assist participants.

  • Blood Pressure/Body Fat/Body Mass Index: Attendees receive personalized data that provides a snapshot of their overall health.

  • Brain Games: Participants solve puzzles designed to challenge their minds.

  • Chair Yoga Station: Employees learn about the importance of healthy movement and are taught several yoga exercises they can do at their desk.

  • Drunken Goggles Demo: Attendees use specialty goggles that distort vision to replicate intoxication, illustrating the impact on perception and balance.

  • Giant JENGA®: Players challenge each other using an oversized version of the popular block-balancing game.

  • Hand Grip Test: Attendees test their hand strength and learn ways to improve it.

  • Healthy Snack Sampling: Participants sample a variety of healthy and tasty snack alternatives. Many are organic, kosher, reduced sugar and/or vegan. Examples include fruit and nut mixes, almonds and kettle popcorn chips. Attendees will receive information about where to purchase these options.

  • Mini-Golf Competition: Players have up to 10 chances to putt the ball into all three holes.

  • Nutrition Awareness Station: Attendees can speak with a health coach/nutrition professional about their nutrition questions. Topics include cutting sugar, being smart in the supermarket and deciphering nutrition labels.

  • Nutrition Wheel Challenge: Players spin the wheel, which is divided into eight food categories, and then answer multiple-choice questions, learning about proper nutrition in the process.

  • Paraffin Hand Treatments: Attendees can get some stress relief with this warm-wax treatment to deeply moisturize and condition their hands.

  • Trail Mix Station: Employees build their own trail mix from high-protein, low-calorie options. The station includes bowls, scoops, take-out boxes, ingredient labels with calories and napkins. This event can be priced with or without staff for the table.

  • Wii Fit Challenge: Attendees test their skills using the Wii video game system. This station is available with a Nintendo Wii Fit Bundle package for use as a door prize or as a prize for the employee with the best score.

Events should be scheduled at least eight weeks in advance. To schedule an event, speak with your Horizon BCBSNJ account manager.

JENGA® is a registered trademark owned by Pokonobe Associates.

Wii™ is a registered trademark of Nintendo, Inc.