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Horizon EPO (Exclusive Provider Organization)

Horizon EPO delivers in-network-only benefits through the Horizon Managed Care Network in New Jersey. The Horizon EPO plan may also offer members out-of-state access to the national BlueCard® PPO network. Our managed care and hospital networks are among the largest doctor and hospital networks in the state, while the BlueCard PPO network links participating doctors and hospitals to Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield Plans across the country — and consists of more than 892,000 doctors and more than 7,700 hospitals.

Except in an emergency, Horizon EPO members must seek care from participating Horizon Managed Care Network or, if included in your company’s plan, BlueCard PPO doctors, other health care professionals and hospitals.

Non-emergency care received from a nonparticipating provider is not covered. It is the member’s responsibility to confirm that the providers and specialists they see are in the network. Claims will not be paid if care is received from a doctor, other health care professional or hospital that is not in the network