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OMNIA Health Plans

OMNIA℠ Health Plan members have access to the full Horizon Managed Care Network of doctors, and all hospitals in the Horizon Hospital Network, but get the benefit of patient-centered care and lower out-of-pocket costs when using OMNIA Tier 1-designated doctors, hospitals and other health care professionals. Patient-centered care provides more organized, personalized and coordinated care, made possible by the secure sharing of information and experiences among the doctors, other health care professionals and hospitals. The ultimate goal? Helping to ensure members get and stay healthy, while keeping costs under control, too.

OMNIA Health Plans do not require members to select a Primary Care Physician (PCP) or get a referral for specialty care. However, when members choose an OMNIA Tier 1-designated doctor, he or she will coordinate care to help a member get the most appropriate care in the right setting.

Patient-Centered Care

Patient-centered care is an approach that helps members get the quality health care they deserve at a more affordable cost.

The doctors and practices that participate in OMNIA Health Plans are committed to increasing patient satisfaction and achieving quality health outcomes.

With an OMNIA Tier 1-designated doctor, members can expect:

  • A doctor who takes overall responsibility for care while directing the team of health professionals involved in overall care
  • Access to wellness services and preventive care based on national guidelines, including wellness support and resources
  • Access to preventive services, screenings and immunizations that are fully covered when received from an in-network doctor