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Horizon POS (Point of Service)

Under the Horizon POS plan, members coordinate care under the guidance of the Primary Care Physician (PCP) selected from the Horizon Managed Care Network. PCPs generally include doctors specializing in the areas of family practice, general practice, internal medicine and pediatrics. Members are required to use a PCP. Claims may be denied if a PCP is not selected.

The PCP refers members to in-network specialists, and submits claims on behalf of the member, too. Members can choose to go out of network to any other licensed doctor, in exchange for paying higher out-of-pocket costs and submitting their own claims.

Horizon POS members have access to many health care services and programs and access to our large managed care and hospital networks. We offer preventive health care benefits, an easy-to-use referral system, no-referral-needed access to an Ob/Gyn for routine care, emergency medical care, value-added programs and much more.