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If you get a diagnosis or recommended treatment plan from a doctor or specialist that leaves you with more questions than answers, 2nd.MD can help you get a second opinion — quick and easy.

2nd.MD provides expert medical consultation services with leading medical specialists. When you contact 2nd.MD, a care team member will review your condition and, if applicable, schedule a consultation with an expert. With your permission, they’ll even secure your medical records in advance of your consultation. No need to search for another doctor, make an appointment, or get on a waiting list. You’ll get a second opinion on your specific health care situation — it’s that simple.

Through DSM, you have an exclusive membership to 2nd.MD, a virtual expert medical consultation and navigation service. We connect you with a board-certified, elite specialist for a virtual expert medical consultation via phone or video from the comfort of home.

2nd.MD specializes in medical certainty by providing access to elite specialists for questions about:

  • Disease, cancer or chronic condition
  • Surgery or procedure
  • Medications and treatment plans

2nd.MD is confidential, fast and no cost to employees and eligible dependents enrolled in the Horizon medical plan.

  1. Activate your account and request a consult. Visit 2nd.MD/dsm, download our app or call us at 1-866-887-0711
  2. Speak with a nurse. Just explain your medical issues and an experienced nurse will handle the rest, including collecting medical records and connecting you with a leading specialist who is an expert in your condition.
  3. Consult with a leading specialist. Get information about your diagnosis, treatment plan and next steps in care from a nationally recognized specialist. Consult via video or phone at a time that works best for you, including evenings and weekends!

After your consultation, you’ll receive a written summary of your consultation so you’re prepared for a conversation with your treating doctor or we can refer you to another in-network doctor in your area.