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The mission of INROADS is to help talented, ethnically diverse, college students develop corporate and community leadership skills. Horizon BCBSNJ helps fulfill that mission by hosting college interns each summer and providing them with a variety of experiences designed to enhance and cultivate their technical skills and business acumen.

While at Horizon BCBSNJ, the interns are placed throughout various divisions within the Company based on their field of study or area of strength. To further support their personal development, the interns are assigned mentors who provide guidance, motivation and advice on acclimating to a corporate environment.

The interns also have the opportunity to:

  • Contribute to the business focus of their individual divisions
  • Participate in networking and professional development events
  • Collaborate with their peers on an enterprise project

For over four decades, INROADS has helped businesses gain greater access to diverse talent through continuous leadership development of outstanding ethnically diverse students and placement of those students in internships at many of North America’s top corporations, firms and organizations.