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Women LEAD Affinity Group

Our vision is to provide a forum in which employees can connect with others in the group and with other professionals to identify, develop and enhance their knowledge, interests, skills and experience to more fully achieve their potential at Horizon BCBSNJ. We seek to harness the talents of a dedicated and diverse group of employees to deliver tangible business benefits to the organization as a whole.

It is my pleasure to serve as the Executive Sponsor for Horizon BCBSNJ’s inspirational Women LEAD Affinity Group. I am proud to be a part of and support such a dynamic group of individuals focused on key interests of women, including women’s health, work/life balance, and relevant diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. This is done while hosting programs that foster the personal and professional development of employees as a whole, supporting Horizon BCBSNJ’s organizational goals, and engaging in external charities of choice and community activities to help our members and the community at large achieve their best health.

Women LEAD nurtures opportunities around Leadership, Education, Awareness and Development. This includes networking, collaboration, and other professional development insights to help achieve individual goals, Women LEAD objectives and Horizon BCBSNJ results. 

As the Executive Sponsor, I’m excited to support Women LEAD’s vision, and I encourage our Women LEAD members to actively participate by sharing their unique talents.  Additionally, I encourage all employees to take advantage of the Women LEAD programming offered.  I look forward to the group’s continued success.”