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THRIVE Affinity Group

THRIVE strives to be the voice for Horizon’s emerging next generation of professionals, by attracting, engaging, and retaining early and mid-career professionals.

THRIVE is focused on increasing the organization’s community outreach and involvement in all areas of interest to a next-generation workforce and through communication channels that will increase effectiveness amongst this group of individuals. We look to achieve this vision through a variety of opportunities for social outreach, community activities, and increased awareness of development opportunities at Horizon. By partnering with Horizon Marketing and Sales departments THIRVE will assist in various initiatives that engage the underserved and underinsured population in New Jersey.

It is a privilege to be the Executive Sponsor of THRIVE, Horizon’s employee affinity group focused on attracting, engaging and retaining early and mid-career professionals. I am grateful to be a leader at an organization that deeply believes and invests in celebrating the diverse experiences and perspectives of its people. By helping people of all generations share their professional experiences with one another, we can ensure that every bit of the energy and wisdom that lives within our workforce becomes available to our entire organization as we continue to innovate and serve our members in the way they deserve.

Personally, it is just a pleasure to work with the smart and dedicated leaders of THRIVE; employees who represent an emerging generation of leaders for our company. As the company’s newest affinity group, THRIVE has the benefit of the tremendous example set by more established affinity groups, and I am confident that the members of THRIVE will add an important voice to our ongoing exchange of perspectives.