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Affinity Groups

Horizon BCBS’s Affinity Groups represent the diversity of over 5,000 employees and the 3.6 million members the company serves. The eight Affinity groups consists of employees sharing common interests, culture, backgrounds, and experiences. Through annual diversity programming, community engagement, professional development and networking these groups work to create opportunities for their members to connect, learn and develop new skills as they partner with select divisions in support of their business goals.

Asian-American Affinity Group

Our vision is to promote the unique blend of the Asian cultural heritage and traditions by educating and supporting this population, while recognizing and celebrating accomplishments of personal and professional growth, and development of our community.

Latin American Cultural Organization (LACO)

Our vision is to educate people about the rich Latin-American culture and heritage, and help our fellow Horizon BCBSNJ employees in their endeavors toward success.

Military Affinity Group (MAG)

Our vision is to provide a forum with the purpose of enhancing, both professionally and personally, the advancement and recognition of employees with direct (active, reserve and guard components, retired and prior service) and indirect military affiliations within Horizon BCBSNJ and the community.

Shalom Affinity Group

Our vision is to promote educational interests inside and outside Horizon BCBSNJ, inspired by Jewish culture, spirit and ethics.

Spectrum Affinity Group

We envision a diverse and inclusive Company where we are proud of our ability to meet the specific needs of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) communities, so that regardless of one’s sexual orientation or gender identity, employees are empowered to be their authentic selves, and members are empowered to achieve their best health.

THRIVE Affinity Group

THRIVE strives to be the voice for Horizon’s emerging next generation of professionals, by attracting, engaging, and retaining early and mid-career professionals.

The Coalition

Our vision is to provide a forum to communicate and exchange information for the purpose of cultivating, both professionally and personally, the knowledge and experiences of Horizon BCBSNJ’s employees of African ancestry and the communities they serve. We aim to add value to Horizon BCBSNJ by supporting its corporate strategies and goals, and enhancing the contributions of the Enterprise through a collaborative partnership of community service.

Women LEAD Affinity Group

Our vision is to provide a forum in which employees can connect with others in the group and with other professionals to identify, develop and enhance their knowledge, interests, skills and experience to more fully achieve their potential at Horizon BCBSNJ. We seek to harness the talents of a dedicated and diverse group of employees to deliver tangible business benefits to the organization as a whole.