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Diabetes Can Raise Your Risk of Other Conditions

If you have diabetes, you may be more likely to develop complications that can hurt your health, especially if your condition is not under control. These conditions can be serious, so it’s important to make the lifestyle changes and get the screenings you need to prevent or delay the onset of these problems.

Dental Care and Diabetes

You may not realize the connection between caring for your teeth and diabetes. But your dentist can help spot early signs of diabetes and help manage the dental effects of the disease.

Take Control of Your Diabetes

Getting regular care for your diabetes can help you prevent further health complications such as heart disease, stroke, and eye, foot or kidney problems. Learn how you can make sure you are up to date in the management of your disease.

Understanding the Link Between Diabetes and Depression

If you have diabetes, you should know that according to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), you may have a greater risk of developing depression than those without diabetes.