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Commercial Business Unit

Horizon BCBSNJ offers a diverse line of products and services, which are developed and sold through our Commercial Business Unit. This division consists of multiple departments and market segments.

The Commercial Business Unit consists of multiple departments and market segments:

  • Commercial & Specialty Markets teams are responsible for the profit and loss (P&L) and end-to-end business performance, including new sales and account management functions for the following markets:
    • National
    • Jumbo
    • Labor
    • Gaming
    • Public Sector
    • Horizon Casualty Services (Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury Protection)
    • Horizon EXPAND (Supplemental insurance products for groups of all sizes)
  • Consumer, Small Group & Midsize Markets teams are responsible for the P&L and end-to-end business performance functions for the following markets:
    • Individual (Consumer)
    • Small group (2 to 50 individuals)
    • Midsize (51 to 499 individuals)
    • Federal Employee Program®
    • Horizon Connect retail center
    • Blue to You community outreach program
  • The State Health Benefits Program team is responsible for the sales, underwriting and account management functions for the New Jersey State Health Benefit Program (SHBP) and the School Employees’ Health Benefits Program (SEHBP).
  • The Chief Underwriter’s team oversees each market’s financial position and ensures that the market segments remain on track and aligned with the CBU business objectives. This function includes:
    • Rating and Underwriting
    • Contract Administration
    • Broker Operations
    • Sales Forecasting
    • CBU Enrollment Reporting
    • Sales Incentive Programs
  • The Marketing & Product Development team is responsible for:
    • Marketing
    • Product development
    • Customer experience
    • Competitive intelligence
    • Market research
    • Digital product management
  • The Quality Management & Oversight team oversees quality management for the CBU. The team develops risk mitigation strategies across the commercial market segments, and develops and executes the commercial business compliance plan. Quality Management & Oversight also includes Proposals and Account Support.