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NICU Care Manager Program

Through this program, you can access a registered nurse who can help if you are anticipating a newborn's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) stay or currently have a newborn in NICU.

The NICU Care Manager Program can assist members facing a newborn’s NICU stay. A dedicated registered nurse from our team of Neonatal Intensive Care Nurses can:

  • Facilitate clinical collaboration with doctors and other health care professionals
  • Ensure the member understands his or her benefits
  • Address emotional and psychological issues and makes appropriate referrals for support
  • Speak regularly with the member to understand both the parents’ and the child’s needs
  • Provide education related to the child’s diagnosis and treatment
  • Coordinate the child’s needs, including after discharge from the hospital

Each newborn needing NICU intervention will receive follow‐up support as appropriate.

Most participants enrolled in the program are referred by their doctor. However, eligible members may also request NICU Care Manager Program services.