New Jersey employers looking for solutions to control health insurance costs while providing employees with more choices and offer their employees a simple solution with HorizonSelect.

Available to employers with 51 or more employees, HorizonSelect is an online private exchange that offers employers a simple way to establish a defined contribution health insurance plan to manage their company’s health insurance costs. With HorizonSelect, employers provide a lump sum of money (a defined contribution) to their employees to purchase a medical plan, as well as optional dental and vision plans.

Employees can purchase their health plans on the secure HorizonSelect website, and can view Horizon BCBSNJ health plans available to them and see how much their employer contributes to premiums. HorizonSelect plans offer a range of copayment and deductible options including at least one HSA-compatible plan. Considering their health needs and budget, employees can then simply select the health plan that fits them best.

To learn more about HorizonSelect, please contact your Horizon BCBSNJ sales executive or account manager.