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Horizon Dental

Horizon BCBSNJ offers a number of dental plans, helping members take control of their oral health. Add value by offering your clients a Horizon BCBSNJ dental plan to complement their medical plans.

Our dental plans offer considerable discounts off the usual and customary charges and our in-network dentists continue to accept contracted rates after a member’s annual maximum benefit is met.

Manage dental benefit details online

You can manage your clients’ dental plan details through Broker Online Services.

And members can see the status of their dental claims, print an EOB, print a member ID card, and even change dentists (for those enrolled in our HDC or TotalCare plans) when they register or sign in to our secure member portal.

Find a dentist in our network.

Make oral health an important part of overall good health

Horizon BCBSNJ integrates medical and dental history to provide comprehensive solutions to your clients’ health care needs. Routine dental visits can do more than keep a member’s teeth clean. They can also provide early detection of serious health risks like diabetes. Recent studies show that periodontal disease is one of the complications brought on by diabetes. One-third of people with diabetes have severe periodontal disease, which can make it more difficult to control blood sugar levels.

Learn more about dental health.