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International Travel

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Global
    Blue Cross Blue Shield Global gives employers a variety of options for providing their employees with access to doctors and hospitals around the world – letting them take their coverage with them when traveling abroad, and allowing the employer to specify coverage based on the individual’s intended length of stay abroad.

    • Core1
      As a Horizon BCBSNJ member, you take your health benefits with you when you are abroad. Through the Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Core program, you have access to doctors and hospitals around the world.
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    • Traveler
      Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Traveler is group supplemental enhanced coverage for business travelers expected to be outside of their home country for trips of up to 180 days.

    • Expat
      Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Expat covers emergency as well as routine services (like office visits, regular vaccinations, preventive care, pharmacy services and wellness programs) for employees whose work assignments place them abroad on a semi-permanent basis.

  • GeoBlue
    For individual clients of yours seeking travel coverage for an upcoming trip abroad, GeoBlue offers a variety of plans to meet their specific needs:

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    • Voyager: for single trips that are up to 180 days.

    • Trekker: for multiple trips of up to 70 days each.

    • Xplorer: for those who are based abroad for 180 days or longer.

1Not all plans are eligible for this program. Contact Horizon BCBSNJ to confirm eligibility.