Broker News

Posted on April 30, 2018

Multi-Factor Authentication for Broker Online Services

To help keep access to your account secure, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey is introducing multi-factor authentication to Broker Online Services beginning April 26, 2018.

Posted on April 9, 2018

Improvements to the Small Employer Health Plus Plan

In less than six months, approximately 3,000 members have enrolled in Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey’s new Small Employer Health Plus Plan. Thank you for helping make this comprehensive benefits package a success with your clients.

Posted on April 2, 2018

Horizon BCBSNJ Names New Sales Leaders

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey has made two key leadership appointments within our Commercial and Major Accounts teams. The appointments leverage these leaders’ strong relationships, built over many years, within their respective market segments. As we continue to grow these segments, their knowledge and experience will be integral to our success.

Posted on March 21, 2018

Important Changes to NJ Prescription Female Contraceptive Mandate

On December 15, 2017, the New Jersey legislature voted to update the existing NJ prescription female contraceptive mandate, requiring all health insurance and medical providers to cover prescription female contraceptive drugs and devices in the same way that other prescription drugs are covered.

Posted on March 20, 2018

Health Care Tax Credit Eligibility for Small Employers

With April 15 approaching, it’s a good time to remind your small employer clients who haven’t yet filed their taxes that they might be eligible for a health care tax credit.

Posted on March 19, 2018

Changes to NJ Newborn Mandate

On January 16, 2018, New Jersey updated the existing NJ Newborn Mandate that provides coverage for all newborns from the moment of birth for the first 31 days to now provide coverage from the moment of birth for the first 60 days.

Posted on March 19, 2018

Horizon BCBSNJ’s Efforts to Combat Opioid Addiction

The ongoing opioid addiction epidemic tragically affects lives and families across the country, claiming thousands of victims in New Jersey alone.

Posted on February 28, 2018

Horizon BCBSNJ’s plan to use its tax refund to help members

Horizon BCBSNJ announced a plan to use its federal tax refund to provide $150 million to benefit its customers and invest $125 million over the next five years for significant initiatives that will drive improvements in health care for Horizon BCBSNJ members in the areas of behavioral health, access to care and addiction.

Posted on January 30, 2018

Providing Form 1095-B Still Required by the ACA

On or about January 31, 2018, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey will begin mailing Form 1095-B to members who either bought their coverage directly from Horizon BCBSNJ and not through OR who have Horizon BCBSNJ coverage through their fully insured employer-sponsored health plan. A sample of the letter being sent to members, along with a sample 1095-B form, is attached.

Posted on January 29, 2018

New Broker of Record Form

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey recently revised the form used by consumers in the Individual market to declare their broker of record to Horizon BCBSNJ. The new form is in full compliance with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) standards for agents and brokers to obtain proof of consent prior to assisting consumers with health plan purchases on and off the Health Insurance Marketplace.