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Specialty Rx

Specialty drugs require education prior to use and patients often receive special patient monitoring and handling,

Specialty medicines are filled and administered differently from other prescription medicines.

Specialty medicines treat complex, chronic conditions like cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis. Some may have special requirements, like storage at very cold temperatures or in a specific type of container. And there can be differences in how and where you take specialty medicines. Some may need to be given to you at the doctor’s office by injection or infusion. Others you can take by mouth or by self-injection at home.

Specialty medicines that must be given by a health care professional in a doctor’s office are called office-administered therapies. Your doctor orders or provides these specialty medicines; you cannot get them from a specialty pharmacy.

Specialty medicines that can be taken at home are called self-administered therapies. These are covered through your pharmacy benefit and a specialty pharmacy mails them to you.

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