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Atlas Copco Wellness Program

Atlas Copco has implemented the “It’s your health. Live it well.”; wellness program. The program provides you and your family with easy access to tools and information to help you understand and effectively manage your health and wellness.

The program’s three components are:

  1. Preventive care benefits
  2. A Wellness Incentive of $150 for employees and $100 for covered spouses
  3. A Diabetes Chronic Care Program

How can Atlas Copco employees and their covered spouses receive the Wellness Incentive? Simply get a routine annual physical or well woman exam, and a dental or vision exam. Then, complete a Atlas Copco Wellness Visit Confirmation form and submit it to the Atlas Copco Benefits Center via fax at 1-973-397-3439 or email at

Pdf Image

Atlas Copco 2020 Wellness Exam Confirmation Form

This form should be sent to the Atlas Copco Benefits Service Center. Please complete a separate form for each member requesting the wellness incentive.