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OMNIA 4 with BlueCard PPO

Your benefit period is a calendar year. In other words, things like your deductible reset on January 1.

The OMNIA plans cover eligible expenses rendered by providers in Horizon’ Managed Care network. When you utilize participating providers, you generally only pay your copayment and any applicable in-network coinsurance or deductible. No benefits are available out-of-network, except in emergent situations.

Please note that the benefit highlights are provided for informational purposes. Horizon BCBSNJ makes every effort to provide clear and accurate information pertaining to these benefit highlights. However, because Horizon BCBSNJ generally expects continued guidance from regulators on issues pertaining to Federal health care reform, the information that has been provided is subject to change. Horizon BCBSNJ will provide notice of such changes to members pursuant to State and Federal requirements.

This summary highlights the major features of your health benefit program. It is not a contract and some limitations and exclusions may apply. Payment of benefits is subject solely to the terms of the contract. Please refer to your benefit booklet for more information.