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Going to School During COVID-19

If you or your child need emotional support, call Horizon Behavioral Health. We'll connect you to services and programs to help your family cope and adjust to the new normal.

A Little Pain is Worth the Long-Term Gain

Immunizations are Important for Kids and Adults

How is Social Media Affecting Our Teens?

Social media has transformed our world…and those of our teens.

Talk to Your Teen About Vaping

You’ve probably had the conversation with your teen about the dangers of alcohol, drugs and tobacco. But have you talked about vaping?

Sport Safety

Your daughter is trying out for the varsity soccer team at her high school. Your son is a competitive swimmer. You’re glad they are active, but how do you ensure they are safe on the field and in the water?

Does Your Teen Want to Diet?

Teens are often concerned with their appearance, and dieting may be one way they plan to “improve” how they look.

A Vaccine to Prevent Cancer — HPV Vaccine

Most parents know about the vaccines for the flu, measles, mumps and rubella and polio. But many parents may not know about a newer vaccine to help prevent certain kinds of cancer.

Be Aware of Teen Drug and Alcohol Use

There are many things parents can do to keep their child away from drugs and alcohol.

Help Your Teen Quit Smoking

It may seem surprising that teenagers still smoke, despite knowing that tobacco use can lead to cancer and respiratory problems.

Acne and Skin Care in Teens

Does your teen worry about acne and blemishes? It’s a common worry among teens because hormonal changes may contribute to those dreaded breakouts.

Teens and Suicide Risk

Suicide is now the number two cause of death among teenagers 15 to 19 years of age, second only to unintentional injuries, such as from car accidents and poisoning.