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Protecting Horizon BCBSNJ Assets

Horizon BCBSNJ resources may not be used for personal or financial gain unrelated to Horizon BCBSNJ business. Misuse of Horizon BCBSNJ assets may result in the denial or restriction of access to those assets and may subject the Vendor to action up to, and including, termination of the business relationship. Vendors may use Horizon BCBSNJ assets only to provide services or fulfill their contractual obligations to Horizon BCBSNJ, with permission from Horizon BCBSNJ. Horizon BCBSNJ assets include all physical property, information systems, work time, and information about Horizon BCBSNJ, it business, members, employees, customers and vendors, intellectual property, and Horizon BCBSNJ funds.

Vendors should have no expectation of privacy regarding communications produced with the use of Horizon BCBSNJ assets. Horizon BCBSNJ may review and disclose any communication or other material produced with the use of Horizon BCBSNJ assets, without a Vendor's knowledge or permission, for any legitimate business purpose. This includes e-mail, instant messaging, voicemail and other electronic communications systems.