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Interacting with the Government

Any Vendors who are authorized to act on behalf of Horizon BCBSNJ with any governmental body or federal or state regulatory agency must do so in a direct, open, respectful and ethical manner. No action may be taken that could mislead any governmental representative. Additionally, Vendors must know and comply with the terms of any applicable government contract.

Vendors shall comply with all reasonable requests of authorized officials and governmental agencies. This includes cooperating to provide access to records or facilities, as required by law or regulation. If a Vendor is contacted in reference to a governmental inquiry, or at the start of any unscheduled audit, inquiry or document production request, the Vendor must contact the Horizon BCBSNJ Legal Affairs Department or the Horizon BCBSNJ Compliance and Ethics Office.

All Vendors must comply with all requirements that apply to the governmental contracting process. No payment of money, gifts, services, entertainment or anything of value may be offered to any government official or employee. No kickbacks or anything of value, in connection with activities involving a contract, including a government contract, may be accepted.