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Horizon BCBSNJ’s Intellectual Property

Horizon BCBSNJ's intellectual property is one of its most valuable assets. Intellectual property includes the product of any work created, made, developed, written or conceived which:

  • resulted from work performed on behalf of Horizon BCBSNJ;

  • used Horizon BCBSNJ equipment, materials, computer programs or facilities;

  • or used Horizon BCBSNJ's confidential or proprietary information

Horizon BCBSNJ's intellectual property may not be shared with others outside of Horizon BCBSNJ, unless specifically authorized, in writing, by Horizon BCBSNJ. When the Vendor's relationship with Horizon BCBSNJ ends, all of Horizon BCBSNJ's intellectual property, any third party intellectual property made available while associated with Horizon BCBSNJ, and any other work products that are in the Vendor's possession must be returned to Horizon BCBSNJ.