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Books and Records

In conducting business with Horizon BCBSNJ, Vendors are expected to follow all laws, rules, standards and Horizon BCBSNJ policies and procedures when accessing creating and managing records. Vendors must maintain records that are accurate in all material respects. Additionally, Vendors must not hide, fail to record or make false entries.

Vendors must retain accurate and complete records of all matters related to their business with Horizon BCBSNJ for the period of time required by applicable laws, regulations and contract requirements, whichever is longest.

When litigation or a governmental investigation, examination or audit is pending or threatened, relevant records must not be destroyed until that audit, examination, lawsuit or investigation is concluded. Horizon BCBSNJ's Legal Affairs Division or the Vendor's Horizon BCBSNJ business contact will advise the Vendor of any document preservation or other requirements related to any audit, examination, lawsuit or investigation. Destruction or other alteration of documents or records in contemplation of an actual or possible legal proceeding or a governmental audit, investigation or examination could result in a criminal offense and may adversely affect Horizon BCBSNJ in a pending litigation or governmental investigation.