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Office of Inspector General (OIG) and General Services Administration (GSA) Exclusion Lists

Screening is required to ensure that Horizon BCBSNJ as an organization with federal contracts, is not conducting business with anyone who has been debarred, excluded or is otherwise ineligible for participation in federal health programs.

Organizations with federal contracts are prohibited from hiring or entering into contracts with individuals who have a propensity to engage in inappropriate or improper conduct. Horizon will not do business with those who have been debarred, excluded or are otherwise ineligible for participation in federal health programs. You are responsible for conducting adequate screening to ensure none of your employees, temporary employees, volunteers, consultants and governing body members have been debarred or excluded. You may use the links below to access the exclusion databases to meet this requirement. Screenings are required before hire and monthly thereafter. You must notify Horizon BCBSNJ immediately if you find that someone has been debarred or excluded. Medicare payment may not be made for items or services furnished or prescribed by an excluded provider or entity.


Exclusion logs that include employee name, date each database was checked and whether or not exclusion was found must be made available for Horizon-BCBSNJ’s review, upon request.