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QI Program Goals and Objectives

The Quality Improvement Program monitors the availability, accessibility, continuity and quality of care for both physical and behavioral health services on an ongoing basis.

QI Program Evaluation

Policies and procedures supporting the Quality Improvement Program are reviewed and approved annually by the appropriate committee and updated as needed. Based on the annual program evaluation, the prior year's QI Work Plan is revised, and a new QI Work Plan for the coming year is developed to guide and focus the work for the next year.

The program evaluation includes information about the following:

  • Review of progress and status of annual goals.
  • Monitoring of previously identified issues.
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of each quality improvement activity.
  • Review of trends of clinical and service quality indicators.
  • Evaluation of the improvements occurring as a result of quality improvement efforts.
  • Evaluation of the overall effectiveness of the Quality Improvement Program.
  • Evaluation of adequacy of staff resources.
  • Evaluation of program structure and processes.
  • Goals and recommendations for the work plan for the following year.