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Annual QI Work Plan

An annual Quality Improvement (QI) Work Plan is developed and approved by the QIC. The purpose of the QI Work Plan is to focus on the specific activities that Horizon will undertake to meet established goals planned for the year. The annual work plan includes time frames for monitoring and completing quality improvement activities, clearly defined and measurable objectives for the year, individuals responsible for those activities, and serves as an action plan for previously identified issues. The Quality Improvement Committee annually presents an evaluation of the QI Work Plan and the Quality Improvement Program to the Quality Committee of the Board, and in turn to the Board of Directors of Horizon Healthcare Services, Inc., Horizon Insurance Company and Horizon Healthcare of NJ, Inc. Updates to the work plan are presented quarterly or as needed, based on the effectiveness of the program and the ability to reach established goals and objectives, membership demographics and utilization experience. The QI work plan allows tracking of activities over the calendar year.