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Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli (R-Somerset), a member of Assembly Financial Institutions & Insurance Committee, issued the following statement on March 1 concerning OMNIA

The OMNIA Health Alliance unveiled by Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey has certainly generated a great deal of discussion and controversy. This is despite the fact that this newly designed plan uses a tiered strategy long deployed by all insurance companies to improve healthcare quality and cost.

While I understand the concerns of certain health care providers, I believe the OMNIA plan does not disadvantage any patient or provider. On the contrary, I believe this plan provides patients with additional choices in coverage, improves care, control costs, and creates a competitive marketplace sorely in need of free market dynamics.

Regulation of the healthcare market place isn’t, nor should it be, laissez faire. That’s why I strongly support New Jersey network adequacy regulations, which are among the most rigorous in the nation. Patients are what is most important in any healthcare discussion and these regulations ensure that any plan, including OMNIA, provides them with choices.

When it comes to the delivery and cost of healthcare, there is considerable controversy and little consensus. What we can agree on is the accepted understanding that the healthcare marketplace needs change. The dialogue that OMNIA has triggered presents us with the opportunity to take a step back, look holistically at the healthcare system, and chart a path forward that considers all interests, with patients always being first and foremost.