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Assemblyman Barclay: OMNIA Ensures Urban Residents Have Affordable Access to Quality Care

Assemblyman Arthur Barclay (D-Camden) announced his support for tiered insurance plans, like Horizon’s OMNIA, that provide New Jersey’s urban residents with access to affordable policies without sacrificing quality or choice.  He added that tiered networks are a much needed alternative to narrow network plans that limit choice or high deductible plans which leave people with limited income on the hook for large payments for routine healthcare.

“With healthcare costs in New Jersey among the highest in the nation, my priority is on making sure that access to high quality health services are available at a price that people who live in our cities can afford.  The Affordable Care Act made healthcare a right for every American, not only including but especially for those who struggle to get by.  Horizon’s OMNIA plan will make New Jersey’s health system stronger in the end because it will enable more people to move from the uninsured and underinsured roles and give them access to the best care available anywhere," said Barclay.

“The first wave of policies made available on the exchanges sacrificed access to care for affordability,”  Assemblyman Barclay continued.  “People could afford the health insurance, but they couldn’t afford the high deductibles and, as a result, they didn’t access the healthcare system until they were very sick.  Making sick people healthy is good, but keeping them from getting sick in the first place should be the goal and that is what OMNIA does better than any other option I’m aware of. 

“Camden residents who need hospital services have great choices and OMNIA lets people choose the one that is right for them.   I am just as happy, though, that residents in Newark, Jersey City, Atlantic City, Paterson, and New Brunswick also have preferred tier hospitals in their cities so that they can enjoy the added benefit of lower out of pocket expenses,” added Barclay.  “Camden has proven that a great hospital can be a catalyst for economic development, jobs, and neighborhood revitalization in our cities.  We should be embracing every effort that seeks to strengthen our cities and the people who live in them.”