Collaboration Leads to Success

In 2015, we launched the OMNIA Health Alliance, a first-of-its kind alliance of health care leaders across New Jersey who share our vision to accelerate the move from a fee-for-service health care system to one that rewards doctors and hospitals for the quality of care they provide our members. Since then, the OMNIA Health Alliance has been focused on implementing clinical transformation activities and leveraging ongoing performance analysis and improvement to achieve population health goals.

“It is our members who benefit most when we create strong partnerships and work as a team to provide the care they need. The success we have had thus far collaborating with our Alliance partners to reduce costs, improve preventive care and better control chronic health conditions is encouraging, and is evidence that these relationships, when done right, can produce valuable outcomes for all parties involved.”

Allen Karp
Executive Vice President, Healthcare Management & Transformation

Horizon BCBSNJ has seen success through our collaborations that are supported by secure data exchanges and advanced analytics. We can offer a complete view of patients’ health to ensure our members get more effective and higher-quality care. That is why we developed HealthSphere, a data services platform designed specifically to provide a 360-degree view of a patient’s health record, also known as a Longitudinal Patient Record (LPR). Doctors and other health care professionals are using HealthSphere to improve patient outcomes by identifying care coordination and transition-of-care improvement opportunities.