Supportive Care

There are times when the sickest individuals don't receive, or even seek, the care or support they need due to the complexities of our health care system. Our Supportive Care Program uses predictive modeling to identify members with progressive functional diseases, physical decline or a terminal illness. A Supportive Care case manager who is trained in palliative and hospice care contacts the member and his or her family, and collaborates with the member's physicians. The Supportive Care case manager can also help get referrals to community-based resources to address the full spectrum of palliative needs.

“We have some very strong and encouraging results from our Supportive Care Program. This experience has been priceless for our members at a time in life when they’re going through a really difficult experience. To have somebody call them, walk them through their journey, hold their hand, make sure that they feel like they’re not alone, and show them that Horizon does truly care about the outcomes of their health is invaluable. I’m really excited that Horizon BCBSNJ continues to provide this type of service to our members.”

Florence Kariuki
Director, Clinical Design, Community Health