Our Digital Transformation

Mobile market presence


Horizon Blue App downloads

2018 was a pivotal year in our digital transformation journey with the launch of new mobile and digital experiences, including:

Launch of the Get Care App: This app was piloted for select market segments and allows our members to chat with a nurse to get fast answers and find the right care. Other capabilities include:

  • Free appointment scheduling
  • Video chat with doctors
  • Health reminders

Launch of the Horizon Blue App: This app allows members to view claims, understand their health plan coverage and benefits and access 24/7 health services like:

  • Chat for Care (Get Care) with live nurses providing health guidance, including connecting members to a video call with a doctor as needed
  • Online Doctor & Hospital Finder
  • Assisted Appointment Scheduling

New Authenticated Member Website: A new authenticated member website at HorizonBlue.com was launched with improvements to the user experience, including:

  • Auto bill pay for Individual and Medicare Advantage markets
  • Improved usability and onboarding experiences
  • Simpler support options

We also launched the Horizon MyWay app, which allows our members who have an FSA, HSA or HRA with us to easily manage their health finances by:

  • Taking a picture of receipts, prescriptions and other documents for their claims and submit those claims
  • Seeing real-time transactions and getting their updated balance
  • Using a barcode scanner to check expense eligibility
  • Checking the status of a payment
  • Making payments, transferring money, getting reimbursed and managing deposits
  • Viewing contributions to their accounts
  • Getting or canceling a debit card (for themselves or an eligible dependent)